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Lobsterslive on the bottom of the oceans and belong to arthropods with an exoskeletonand they have claws. Lobsters can be prepared in different ways and they are verytasty and healthy. The most known meals made from lobster are lobster soup androlls. In order to be tastier, they can be sauced with butter and cooked. Theyare full of healthy components and therefore they can benefit our health.

Thebenefits of eating lobster

Lobster haslow level of carbohydrates and it is very good for those who must limit consumingfood that contains carbohydrates. It also has omega 3 fatty acids and theymaintain the health of coronary organs and nervous system. Because of the seleniumthat lobsters are rich in consuming lobsters helps in immunization processand protects your heart. Lobster is also rich in copper and phosphorus whichcan benefit your kidneys and decrease the symptoms of arthritis. Itprotects your skeleton helps your nervous system to function even better strengthens your body to fight against different infections and helps in proper functioningof your genital system.

How to buyand store lobster?

You should be careful whenpurchasing lobsters in order to get fresh and tasty product. The most importantis to buy alive lobster and their tails should be rolled upward and notfalling. If the lobster is fresh, the meat should be snowy and shell raspberry-red.The meat should be damply and not dry like with old lobsters. If the lobster isdry moist it put it in a plastic bag and store it in a fridge. You shouldsoften the meat by putting it in the fridge and keep it there during the night.

How toprepare lobster?

If you have purchased a lobster that isalive, put it in water and cook it for about five minutes. The time of thecooking depends on the weight of the lobster. If the lobster is big and weightsmore, then the time for preparing is longer. After you put out lobster fromthe boiling water, put it in a pan and than in the oven or grill, but you shouldput it so that the meat side is upward. You can put additional spices andingredients such as lemon or butter. When the meat is soft, you will know thatit is ready to eat. For a lobster soup cook a lobster but not completely cook it that much so that you can pull outthe meat. Then the shells should be cooked, and after that, remove them from thewater and add the meat. Cook the meat for a short time and your soup is ready.

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