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Durian is the plant which has alot of beneficial effects on many different conditions. It is among thehealthiest and most nutritious plants.

Its fruit is commonly used inboth, culinary and medicine and it can be really big, weighing from 1, up to 9kilograms. Its shape is oval, and the fruit consists of the edible pulp whichis creamy and of yellowish and white color. The pulp is divided usually in fivesections, but there can be less than five of them. Around the pulp, there is ashell that is not edible, and it is filled with the little spines all aroundit. The color of the shell is something between green and yellow. And, finally,the durian tree is about 27 meters high.

Although its available in storesworldwide, it originates from the Southeast Asia, and also its nickname: Theking of fruits, because it has shown as highly useful and beneficial plantthrough centuries.

People who have tried it,describe its smell as a very sharp and strong, and rather repugnant. But, theyalso say that tasting it gives a beautiful sensation, which is worth overcomingits special smell.

In the areas of the origin, thefruits are allowed to become ripe and they are collected after falling on theground. Durian fruits are usually exported in the form of the syrup in a can oras a whole. Although the best way to consume it is to eat it in the fresh form,there are a lot of different ways to prepare it for meals. For example, peopleusually make desserts, pastes and cakes from it. But, when it is not yet ripecompletely, it must be cooked and prepared as we do with the vegetables.

So, it is time to point out thenutritive values of this plant. It has a lot of valuable substances, such asiron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, the vitamins (actually, very high levelof the vitamins E, B, C and A), Riboflavin, Ascorbic Acid, niacin, thiamineand, of course, it is also rich in proteins, fibers and sugars and crabs.

Having in mind those very highnutritive values, it is very easy to comprehend its widely beneficial healtheffects on the human organism. And it is also beneficial for animals.

First of all, it should bementioned that durian helps in the process of removing the cholesterol from theblood, and thus, solves the related problems. It has also the anti-inflammableeffect and because of that it is used to reduce the swellings and tranquilizesthe skin irritations. But, the high body temperature can be reduced with theusage of durian, too.

But, besides being the remedy forthe mentioned physical problems, it can help in the treatment of some mentalissues, such as depression, insomnia and anxiety. It is precisely because itincreases the releasing a bigger amount of the serotonin in the brain, and thatway, it also can be an aphrodisiac.

In the end it is good to warn thepeople with hypertension and the pregnant women not to consume this plantexcessively, because its seeds may be toxic.

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