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Hazelnuts are delicious and healthy snacks that should be consumed on regular basis.

They are very small in size but they provide a lot of important nutrients for people.

They contain unsaturated fats also known as healthy fats that are beneficial on us. They prevent cardiovascular illnesses and help us have strong and healthy bones.

They contain vitamin B complex. For that very reason they ease all metabolic processes in body.

Hazelnuts contains minerals and also a little bit of proteins.

If you eat several hazelnuts for your snack between meals or in the morning in your cereals you will give your body 20% of daily recommended dose of vitamin E. Vitamin E will protect your skin while stopping premature aging. It is very powerful antioxidant that helps your body eliminate free radicals that would otherwise damage cells. This is why hazelnuts are said to prevent cancer.

The Vitamin K helps in preventing blood clotting. It is also important vitamin in bone formation. People suffering from osteoporosis benefit a lot from this vitamin.

Hazelnuts are rich source of monounsaturated fat. One small serving contains about 13 grams of this important nutrient. Monounsaturated fats along with polyunsaturated fats will help in preventing heart diseases. They eliminate fats and bad cholesterol from blood. They keep your arteries strong and healthy. They will help lowering down triglycerides and thus prevent stroke, heart attack and other dangerous conditions.

Since hazelnuts do not have sodium or cholesterol they are excellent choice if you want to reduce weight in a healthy natural way.

One serving fresh hazelnuts has about 5 grams of protein. Proteins helps you build muscles and increase your overall strength and durability.

Hazelnuts are full of magnesium and calcium.This is why hazelnuts are good for teeth, bones and brain function. They help metabolizing lipids. Magnesium is known to prevent stress and chronic tiredness.

The copper is another mineral that can be found in hazelnuts. Copper plays important role in preventing and easing arthritis. It boosts immunity system, renews brain cells and brings overall well being. It can slow down aging of your skin.

Only a few pieces of tasty hazelnuts will supply your body with almost total recommended dose of manganese. Manganese helps your body transferring food into pure energy. It also helps your heart by lowering LDL cholesterol. Therefore, manganese supports healthy cardiovascular system.

You can choose between roast and fresh hazelnuts. Fresh hazelnuts have more healthy nutrients than the roasted ones.

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