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About macadamianuts

Macadamianuts are rich in fats, and therefore, are not considered to be very healthy.However, it was recognized that they have ingredients that are very beneficialfor our body. Macadamia nut trees arefound on several locations in the world, like Australia, Brazil, some parts ofAfrica and today they are even grown in Hawaii. They are very tasty, but considered unhealthy because of the amount of fat in them. Today we know thatthe fat they contain is healthy because it is monounsaturated fat, which reducescholesterol and helps in heart problems. They are also one of the rare nuts, which are rich with palmitoleic acid. Macadamia nut oil is used for preparationof specialities because of its distinguishing taste.

Bioflavonoidsare also healthy substances that are found in macadamia nuts. These substancesreduce free radicals in our body and that is essential in fighting against heartproblems and many other illnesses. Bioflavonoids are extremely helpful in cancer prevention. Beside these healthy ingredients, macadamia nuts contain vitamin A, several B complex vitamins,selenium, magnesium and other minerals. Macadamia nuts have no cholesterol.


Researchperformed by Hawaiian University helped in understanding what the benefits of macadamianuts are. The research made a comparisonbetween three different forms of diets, of which one included macadamianuts, second was a healthy diet and the third was based on the food with highamount of fat and cholesterol. Thisresearch showed that only those who were using macadamia nuts had lower levelsof triglycerides, while cholesterol level was similar to those who were on healthydiet. Those who were on high fat diet had the highest cholesterol level.

Now we knowthat macadamia nuts are healthy, but we also know that they have lot of fat.Actually, compared to all other nuts, macadamia nuts contain the highest amount of fats. If you can’t resist macadamia nuts you will have to avoid other foods rich in calories. Propernutrition includes small amounts of macadamia nuts. You can scatter nuts intosalad and use the macadamia nut oil instead of other oils. These nuts canalso be used for preparing different sweets. Theyare not only healthy, but tasty as well. Try to use them in your everyday diet, and you will feel the difference for sure. Your body weight will reduce andyour heart will be healthier. Also you will enjoy in the extraordinary taste ofmacadamia nuts.

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