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For many centuries, this vegetable has been known as the powerful protector of the health, and it has always deserved its role in the folklore. Through the history, people used to consume it as the prevention from almost the every illness. So, besides the culinary, it has been used a lot in herbal medicine, but the only problem is that garlic has rather sharp and unpleasant smell and sometimes can be hard to digest it. Because of that, there are a lot of garlic supplements in the form of tablets in the market, but it is a lot better to be consumed in the raw form.

Also, one could overdose by eating garlic in excessive amounts. The unwanted consequence is the condition referred to as the overheated digestion, which is followed by constipation, strong halitosis, very yellow colour of urine and the similar problems.

Health benefits of garlic and natural remedies from it

However, there are a lot of various health benefits of garlic. Actually, the stronger its smell is, the greater amount of sulphur it contains, so, the healthier it is.

First of all, it is necessary to point out that garlic is a natural antibiotic and an encourager of the immunity and those are the reasons why is it used for preventing the bacterial and viral infections, for example. But, it is also beneficial in treating the fungal infections.

Concerning that, and the similar matters, there is a very useful remedy made of garlic, which successfully deals with the skin problems. Related to that, this remedy can also deal with the aesthetic skin problems, such as acne. So, when it is meant to be put on topically to the affected spots, the remedy based on garlic is made in the form of a semi-liquid paste. That is, the cloves firstly need to be grounded, and that mass should be mixed with a little bit of the oil from sesame seeds. This mixture works as a facial masque, actually.

In the conclusion, since garlic contains a lot of the chemical called allicin, which is responsible for those mentioned purposes, it is considered as the natural antibiotic.

Anyway, maybe the most important characteristic of this vegetable is the one related to the cardiovascular issue, and that is of being effective in lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood and thus preventing a lot of diseases associated to the problems of the heart and the blood vessels.

Apart from those, garlic is beneficial for digestion process, appetite, for removing parasites, for improving the sexual life (by encouraging the sexual desire) and in unblocking the nose. The last mentioned problem could be treated with the solution of the juice from the crushed garlic and lukewarm water, and it should be used exactly as the common decongestants. Also, the mass of the crushed garlic can be added to the green tea, in order to prepare the powerful remover of the toxins from the organism.

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