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Watercress is the plant which has been recognized for centuries to have a lot of benefits on heath. Especially, in lessening the chances of getting the heart related diseases, some malignant tumors, the injuries of the skin caused by the excessive exposure to the sunrays and the macular degeneration.

As its name already says, it inhabits the waters, originates from Europe and the central part of Asia, and it is belongs to the group of vegetables. That is, its leaves are edible and have somewhat pungent taste, so it can be used as a condiment, besides being the base of a meal. Health benefits

Related to the cancerous condition, maybe the most important characteristic of this vegetable is the one of being rich in the substances called antioxidants, which reduces the concentration, the functions and the consequences of the damage of the free radicals in an organism, thus preventing this deadly disease. Especially the beneficial effect of this plant’s fruit and leaves on the regeneration of the DNA chains in the cells of the blood, is very valuable, concerning this matter. But, the noticeable evidences of the effectiveness can be brought only in the cases of the individuals who are under the greater risk of getting the cancer.

So, recovering the damaged genes is the most effective approach to the treatment of the malignant diseases, since they are, in fact, the problem of the multiplication of the defected cells. And this plant attack the factors which have the influence on the normal cells to turn themselves into the defected ones, according to some examinations performed on animals.

But, the chemicals called isothiocynates, from this plant also stop the advancing process of the malignant formations; by stopping the functions of the key enzymes for this process of the abnormal multiplying and encouraging the work of the beneficial enzymes, by improving the defense of the normal cells, and finally, by actually annihilating the malignant cells.

As far as the coronary problems are concerned, watercress lowers the hypertension and the amount of triglycerides in the blood flow, and minimizes the process of the oxidation of lipids and lipoproteins. And this effect is due to the high levels of the following nutrients: vitamin C, lutein, flavonoids, minerals, fibers, folates, and many more.

Besides on those, this plant has very beneficial effect on maintaining the skin in the good condition. Containing the high concentration of the vitamins A, C and E (along with the flavonoids and carotenoids), this plant promises the great success in the regeneration process, especially used as the blocker of the ultraviolet sun rays. Similarly to that, this plant is used for the eye problems, as well, and the antioxidants from watercress play an important role in the prevention and the treatment of this kind of health problems.

However, this plant is also helpful in getting rid of the excessive weight, because, surprisingly, it provides enough energy to, and hydrates the organism, thus leading to the felling of fullness. But, it doesn’t contain a lot of calories and fats.

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