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Refined andnon-refined varieties of coconut oil

There arevarious sorts of coconut oil. Among those types is non-refined oil. Pure oil of the coconut is amongthe oils that are very beneficial for several aspects of human health. The processof making this oil involves processing the kernel of a coconut. While in itsnon-refined shape, coconut oil contains high amounts of lauric acid, and whatis more in this state it is much healthier than its refined counterpart. One ofits good sides is its ability to fight medical ailments that are caused by somefungi, or bacterium kinds. But this is just one of the good sides of coconutoil.

Among thetwo kinds that we have mentioned, the refined and unrefined oil, it is muchbetter to use the unrefined sort. It provides much more benefits for humanhealth. It is interesting to mention the difference in the production processesof the two. While making unrefined coconut oil, no additive is used, and it doesnot undergo filtering. Do not expect to find saturated fat in unrefined coconutoil. Another name for the non-refined variety of coconut oil is virgin coconutoil.

Usage ofunrefined coconut oil

In someareas of the world coconut oil is widely spread for human nutrition, and thisis especially true of south-eastern Asian countries. There, people use virgincoconut oil for preparing food. Over time, people from these areas have becomefamiliar with the benefits that using of this oil brings. For instance, theunrefined kind abounds in antioxidant substances, and these are valuable whentalking about decelerating the process of growing older. Apart from that, thereare no triglycerides in coconut oil, so people who suffer from high levels oftriglycerides can use it with no fear.

Various benefitsrelated to human health will arise from the regular usage of virgin coconut oil. Amongthem, we have its impact on the human immune defense system. As a consequencehuman body will become more resistant to the harmful influence of viruses orother pathogenic organisms. Another great piece of news is that it contains no “bad”cholesterol, and that it helps decrease the level of existent bad cholesterolin the body.

Nonetheless,there are a few downsides to using this kind of oil. The price is one of theissues. Virgin oil is typically pricier than the refined one. Also, non-refinedvariety might contain some impurities, so you better avoid applying it in somehealth therapies.

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