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Even though bicycles present anextremely good and healthy way of losing weight and getting in shape,enabling a person to have successful cardio training whenever he orshe is in the mood and the external conditions allow, they do havesome flaws. Namely, while riding a classic, small seated bicycle,which makes you sit upright all of the time, on the long run you arebound to experience serious discomfort. Moreover, after completingyour ride consisting of several hundreds of miles, you will beexhausted and every part of your body will ache. However, none ofthis may happen, if you are riding a recumbent bicycle. These devicesprovide adequate comfort to one's back and relieve of manyside-effects related to longer bike riding sessions. Naturally, thereare many more benefits to this type of bicycle, making it even morespecial for your healthy riding purposes.

Benefits of a Recumbent Bicycle

First and foremost, there is the bodyposition. While with regular bicycles, you are resting on your arms,which are to bear most of the weight of your upper body. Withrecumbent bikes, your back has adequate support providing your headand neck rest and comfort. While maintaining this position duringyour rides, you will ensure less pressure on your lungs, enablingbetter air circulation during this physical activity. Moreover, yourarms and shoulders are relaxed and do not get tired. As far as youroverall position is involved, recumbent bikes make it easier for youto pedal, since your legs are resting on the pedals nevertheless.Also, you are on the same height as other vehicle drivers, capable ofcommunicating via facial expressions etc. This makes your wholeriding experience much better.

What makes recumbent bikes morecomfortable and pleasant than regular bikes, is mainly the seat.While riding a classic bicycle for a longer period of time may easilyresult in serious pain in the pubic area, buttocks or some other bodyparts involved in your sitting process. On the other hand, recumbentseats provide a far more comfortable solution, with no pressure uponthe above mentioned body parts. Rather, your body will receive betterperspiration, you will not get exposed to pain and straining, and youwill enjoy every second of your rides. The same goes for your back,head and neck. With recumbent bikes, these are relaxed completely.Your legs are the only part of your body involved in the action. Withyour arms resting beside your body instead of carrying the entireweight of your body, your riding experience is above allexpectations.

Finally, riding a recumbent bike issafer than riding a regular one. Lowered position and relaxed backand neck give you a better overview of the traffic and, if you are tofall, the ground is not that far and all you may suffer are minorroad rashes along your thighs.

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