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Did you know that a whole ninety three percent of the American population drink orange juice at breakfast time. It can be matched with any breakfast you want and because of its popularity it can be bought in so many different varieties. However we all know that the just squeezed juice is the ultimate orange juice. There has been many tests done over time and research can now tell us that orange juice is good for us because it has something called flavonoids in it. The flavonoids are basically antioxidants which help out with our immune system and also help our cardiovascular organism.

Why Drink Orange Juice

First of all, it tastes great. There are not many people out there that will disagree with that statement. Secondly it is good for us because it basically defends our bodies from illnesses, conditions and diseases. Studies have shown that people who have arthritis and drink one glass full of juice from oranges each and every day subsequently have less symptoms of their condition. As everything in life, all needs to be in moderation. Oranges contain sugar, so as you can imagine, if you go overboard with the consumption of orange juice then it’s only right that you will start to put on weight. That being said, the sugar in the orange juice is great for giving people that boost of energy they may be requiring. A good example of this, is if you are frail and weak from being ill, you will often be fed some orange juice to assist in regaining your much needed strength.

Facts about Orange Juice

If you take three quarters of a cup of orange juice then it should have around two grams of fat, seventy eight calories, two to three milligrams of sodium, a third of a gram of dietary fiber, eighteen grams of sugar, and nineteen grams of carbohydrates.

The Benefits of Drinking Orange Juice

Orange juice will help you with a whole array of problems such as respiratory problems, cold, cough, influenza, indigestion, constipation, bowel problems, bone well being, heart diseases, skin concerns, and the list can go on and on. By drinking just one glass a day of orange juice you are ticking off one serving of the recommended daily dosage of fruit. Everyone knows that orange juice has vitamin C in it which does wonders for your immune system thus meaning less chance of getting a cold.

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