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All children love riding bike. But when we grow up, bike riding, in most cases, simply stops. Some adults, however, also like bike riding. There are exercise bikes on the market that can be fixed to a floor of a bedroom or most likely to a gym floor. And of course, there are the real bikes and riding can be done in the nature. A recreation on the bike can be great fun and a good exercise at the same time.

Benefits of Riding

A proper cardiovascular exercise is bicycling. And in a term of fitness, a bike with few speeds increases fitness level and improves cardiovascular system, a great deal. Riding helps joints and treats osteoporosis, shapes muscle legs and improves circulation. Such exercise does great benefit for knees too. Knees sometimes are deficient with proper calcium set in bones, which makes knees very painful.

All this can be cured with a good bike riding. And riding bike in fitness measurement stands right next to a jogging or running. Bike riding keeps the back straight up and maintains balances the core of muscles and the abdominal area. It is better to, for start; ride on a flat terrain, because of the muscular endurance training and to adjust speed to your own physical condition. This is good to prevent cramping and extra stretch, before and after the bike training.

Bike Maintainance

Before riding a bike it is important to check properly all bicycle systems, in case there is something to be fixed before taking a ride. Seat must be the right size and comfortable to be sat on: a cushioned one, if it is possible. Your bicycle has to have lights or reflectors to light ahead of you, preferably with installed bell. The brake cables must be whole, brake pads also: all in a good condition as well as the brake handles and brake caliper.

Check for flat tires and change them before the long ride, just in case, and also a tire tubes. All bicycle parts need to be replaced, handles grips, a chain, pedals, bike stand...Every bicycle needs to have a little bag attached to its back, with tools in case that any part needs changing. Also, a bicycle needs a frame bicycle pump attached. A water bottle is very important as well, for hydration during a long ride. The bottle is usually installed on upper part of the bike.

Riding a bike is very useful for adults. It is recommended for a recreational use and all physical benefits come out on the sight with older people, beside that is enjoyable.

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