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Headaches on the crown of the head are not so usual. The most probable cause of these headaches are extreme exhaustion and fatigue. People literary feel like their head is going to explode.

From the general population, adults and adolescents tend to suffer more from these kind of headaches, but children can get them too. The symptoms consist of the pain generated on the sides of the head or on the top, usually on the same spot. That kind of pain can cause irritation of the eyes. Many of these symptoms are associated with stress. In order to help oneself, if the pain is unbearable, one can take muscle relaxants or mild anti depressives, but one should exercise caution and to not get addicted to them.

There are more holistic approaches that can help in the long run. There is a state called toxemia that has been known to cause headaches. Toxemia is a condition when we are totally stressed out and the nerves and the blood vessels in the head become irritated and begin to swell. The result is a headache. Toxemia is not only caused by stress but also by bad eating habits which increases the level of toxins in the body.

To detoxify one self, changes in eating habits are necessary. Raw food and vegetables are especially good detoxifiers. Fruits are best eaten in the morning for breakfast and as a snack until lunch time. Apples and lemons help a lot when dealing with headaches. One can increase the input of raw vegetables by eating two salads a day. Vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, avocados and green leafy plants are full of antioxidants that help the detoxification.

Coupled with a change in diet, exercise and relaxation is also needed. Daily exercise increases the blood circulation which then brings more oxygen to the cells and takes the toxins out. Meditation and relaxation are excellent way to help oneself. It is actually a very simple and effective way. When a person has a headache, just sit or lie down and relax. By focusing on the pain intently, a person can feel it and accept it. Through that accepting of the pain, the pain level lowers. Deep breathing helps to release the pain. A person can try other means of relaxation such as aromatherapy, massages, hypnoses etc. The main thing is that a person relaxes preferable on a daily basis.

Sometimes the pain is a sign that something in us is wrong. The body is actually telling us that we need to change something in ourselves and that we best pay attention. Otherwise, serious illnesses can develop.

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