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Headaches - everyone has suffered with them at least once in their life, but for the vast majority of people they will endure a minimum of one a month. A tension headache is usually on both sides of the head and they will predominantly begin at the rear, making their way conveniently to the front of your head. It will feel like someone is squeezing your head coupled with a dull aching feeling to it. On top of this, your shoulders, jaw and neck may feel sore and taut. Normally the pain does not increase with activity, but it will however stay persistent.

The Possible Causes of a Headache

A headache is usually caused by the dehydration, stress, illness, or being over tired. However there may be some underlying serious causes of a headache. For people that are over the age of fifty and experience a headache for the first time, possible cause could be a condition called temporal arteritis. Symptoms of this condition are similar to a usual headache, like blurred vision, but there are other symptoms like pain when chewing. If you suspect this, see your doctor. Other less common cause of a headache is an aneurysm in the brain which occurs when a blood vessel's wall becomes frail and as a result bursts, allowing blood to enter the brain. A tumor is also a possible cause, although it is rare. Others include conditions like a stroke, an infection like meningitis or encephalitis, etc. Advised Home Care for Headaches

Experts will advise you to keep a diary at home and monitor the headaches, when they happened, how long for, what you ate or did prior to the headache. After a while, change and modify your habits to see if it helps and hopefully you may start to see a pattern occurring. If you do suffer with a headache try resting your eyes by closing them and use some sort of a relaxation technique. Try having a massage and also use a heat pad on the back of your upper neck.Medication to Use for Tension Headaches

You can try using ibuprofen, Aspirin or acetaminophen however don’t give any Aspirin to children for safety reasons (a possibility of developing a Reye syndrome). If you have migraines then try a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have tried the over the counter medicines and they don’t seem to help, speak to your doctor about getting a prescription for a different drug to try.

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