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Headaches are probably most common problems people can deal with. There is no one who can claim he or she never had a minute of headache in his life, but some people are used to have headaches all the time. They are adjusted to the fact their head is going to hurt to that extent so they can work while having such problems. On the other hand, there are people whose life and work are severely affected by the fact they are suffering from headaches and anything they try can’t resolve the problem for good.

What Part of the Head Hurts?

Different headaches affect different parts of the head, so there are those affecting the entire head. Pain may also appear on one side of the head, which is known as migraine headache, or at the upper or lower part of the head.

Some people may suffer from severe headaches localized in the back of the head. A person experiencing such headaches may not be able to focus on the work tasks in front of him. More important than that is the fact these back head headaches can become intensive over some period of time or even constantly present. Many people dealing with these headaches say that the pain is localized behind their neck and head area. All movements of the body or the head might be the source of worsened headache in these patients, as well as some simple functions as eating or talking to someone.

Probable causes of back head pain might be migraines, depression, tension or exposure to some stress and in some cases jaw clenching. Poor lifestyle choices, addiction to alcohol and smoking, lack of regular exercise and improper posture can also lead to the development of back head headaches. Sometimes, driving long hours or sitting in front of the computer screen for several hours can be blamed for headaches too. Some patients might have inherited this problem through their parents and some may develop headaches in the back of the head because of sinus infections or cluster headaches.

Treatment for Back Head Headaches

Pain killers like Aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen are used in many headaches to relieve the pain. In most cases these bring only temporary relief, since the root cause of the problem is not tackled this way. Prevention of stress, healthy diet and stress management are only available ways to potentially avoid development of headaches.

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