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Temple headaches can come in a form of sharp pain but is most commonly the type of dull, throbbing pain. One or both temples can be affected. These types of headaches can be caused by viral infections, hangover, too much sugar in the blood stream, overexertion and stress. When stress is the cause, the headache is caused by tension in the upper back of the body, the stiffness of the neck and jaw. These are the trigger pints for the temple headaches.

One can help to relive the pain by gently massaging the temples and the forehead for a couple of minutes. This process can be repeated a number of times a day till the pain subsides. Massage of the neck and shoulders, either by a professional or self massage, can relive the pain by releasing the tensions accumulated in the trigger points. The temples self massage is preferably done in a quiet, lightly dimmed area, one in witch a person can relax and focus on the pain. By focusing on the pain, a person can relax in it and by doing so, release it.

Applying hot and cold packs on the affected area can also bring relief. Either on of the packs, hot or cold, brings relaxation to the muscles and reduced of the pain. Applying of the packs should be done in 15 minutes intervals with a pause of equal time. A good night’s sleep is great for prevention and dealing with temple headaches. Sleeping for the minimum of 6 hours each night purifies the body of fatigue and relentlessness.

Coffee can also help in this case but a person must not overdo it. Caffeine in the coffee is a strong stimulants of the body and to much of it can directly lead to temple headaches. Chocolate is a great stress reliever of stress induced headaches. Teas are also very useful especially ones that calm the mind and the body of a person like chamomile tea.

Exercise plenty. Yoga exercises are great way to prevent and deal with headaches. By doing yoga, the whole of the body replenishes vital energy. Blood circulation gets better, emotional blockages gets released and the breath deepens. This increase of air is highly beneficial because it brings fresh nutrients to the small blood vessels in the head and takes away the toxins.

If the pain is so severe, one could try painkillers but caution is advised because these treat only the symptom of the headache, which is pain. The cause of the pain shall not be treated.

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