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Headaches Making Life Impossible

Every person who has suffered from aheadache knows how distracting it can be. Namely, whentroubled by this fit, you are unable to function correctly, let alonebe creative, productive, concentrated or fully aware of the tasks at hand.

Headaches can be triggered by manydifferent factors, some of which are alcohol consumption, sleepdeprivation, too much sleep, sedentary lifestyle etc. Also, there arecases of illnesses and many different health conditions triggeringheadaches which can be strong and sometimes unbearable.

There are cases when headaches are described as stabbing pain in the head. The remainder of this articlewill deal with this type of headaches, explaining their common causesand helping one deal with them.

Reasons behind Stabbing Pain in theHead

Stress, lack of sleep, food, alcohol,drugs and many other factors may trigger migraines, which are severeheadaches that are in some cases known to deliver stabbing pain inthe head area. The causes of this health issue are often unknown andcannot be pinpointed.

Multiple sclerosis, migraines andcluster headaches may lead to what we define as ice-pick headacheswhich deliver the stabbing pain in the head area, as if the ice-pick is the tool causing the pain. Nausea, dizzinessor vomiting may be occur with this type of headache.

Meningitis, being the inflammation ofour brain membrane due to bacterial or viral activity, can be yetanother cause of stabbing headaches. Usually, with this cause,vomiting, stiff neck and nausea are combined with the stabbing painin the head.

Also, brain tumor may be behind thistype of headache. The tumor may be malign or benign and is actually an abnormal tissue growth inside one's skull. If stabbingheadaches are combined with seizures and confusion, there is a greatchance that a tumor is causing them.

Alternatively, spine or vascularproblems may trigger these headaches. Brain cancer, sinusitis,encephalitis and many other health problems may be behind stabbingheadaches. Therefore, you should never ignore these warning signsand, as soon as you notice that this type of headache has burdenedyou for more than a couple of days, you are highly advised to seekmedical attention.

The Treatment of Stabbing Pain in theHead

Before any treatment is possible, thedoctor needs to diagnose the underlying condition causing theheadaches. For this purpose, MRI, X-ray, CT and other types of scansare necessary to be done. Then, this problem may be treated withmedications, antibiotics, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes,surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy, depending on the cause.

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