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HCG stands for human Chorionic gonadotropin and it is actually a very important type of hormone which commonly gets secreted in the placenta during the pregnancy. It is one of the vital factors of a healthy pregnancy but it can also be held responsible for certain other body functions in both male and female bodies. It controls the metabolism rate and stimulates the body so that it uses all the excessive fat deposits in order to produce more energy. This process actually triggers a healthy weight loss. Some scientists have discovered that the use of HCG in supplemental form may be of great help in losing excess weight. The artificial HCG is commonly used in the form of diet drops or injections. Unfortunately, this method of weight loss may sometimes be associated with certain side effects as well.

hCG Drops Diet Features

HCG drops are an oral or sublingual type of homeopathic remedy designed to be used exclusively for weight loss. HCG injections are commonly associated with painful sensations and discomfort, and they also tend to be much more expensive than HCG drops. This is why most people who opt for this weight loss method tend to use HCG drops.

Basic program enables the person to lose up to 14 lbs, standard program enables the person to lose up to 30 lbs, while the ultimate HCG weight loss program enables the person to lose even more than 30 lbs. The daily dosage is usually between 12 and 15 drops, depending on the prescription. The weight loss program needs to be accompanied by an appropriate diet so that it may function properly. The diet plan involves the intake of an extremely low amount of calories, concentrating on protein rich food items and organic food items. Foods that contain oil, sugar and starch need to be avoided as much as possible, and the emphasis should be places on lean meats, mercury free fishes, vegetables, fruits and similar types of food.

hCG Drops Diet Dangers

HCG is one of the fastest ways of losing weight, but in spite of that it may not always be the safest way to do so. Because it involves an extremely low intake of calories it may cause the body to start wearing out for the first few hours. Other common side effects usually include hunger pangs, significantly increased levels of irritation and crankiness. Other side effects may or may not include increased anger levels, chronic depression, insomnia, binge eating, mood swings, anxiety, weakness, sluggish mobility, sudden weight gain, irregular urination, swelling, dizziness, headaches, hives, water retention, nausea, vomiting and confusion.

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