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HCG diet is one of the most unusual diets available on the market, but in spite of that fact there are a large number of people who rely on it when it comes to getting rid of all the excess pounds. The diet involves taking the HCG hormone in suggested dosages combined with a very strict diet which does not include any starches or fats. HCG stands for human Chorionic gonadotropin and it is actually the hormone which signals the hypothalamus located in the brain when to induce burning of the fat deposits in the body in order to produce more energy. Some sources claim that the HCG diet can be rather dangerous because it requires the person to ingest only 500 calories per day in its beginning phases. It is only after 3 weeks that a person may switch to 800 calories per day. The HCG supplements can be purchased in the form of oral pills, drops or injections. The hormone is supposedly very efficient in reducing hunger pangs, which leads to the planned weight loss results.

The Process of Manufacture

The HCG hormone is normally produced in the placenta of a pregnant woman. Its main purpose is to maintain a steady and healthy pregnancy. The process of manufacture of HCG in supplemental forms involves the extraction of the hormone from the urine of pregnant female persons. The process also involves constant quality checkups so that the possibility of infections is completely eliminated. There are several different manufacturers of HCG drops on the market, and not all of them utilize the same manufacturing processes. Before purchasing a product, one needs to be well informed and make sure to check the list of ingredients.

Best hCG Drops on the Market

One should always go for the products which are completely efficient and are not involved with any side effects at all. HCG drops can be purchased from several online stores but one needs to be very cautious before buying such products online. One should always pick the product which fits the prescribed dosage and the product which contains the proper amounts of the HCG hormone. The product MUST have the following info: its expiry diet, the amount of the HCG hormone it contains and the amount of expected weight loss. Homeopathic drops are slightly cheaper so they can be considered as an option as well. Among the best HCG drops available on the market are HCG ultra diet drops and HCG platinum.

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