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Dangers of HCG Diet

This diet affects the hormones and can produce some side effects, which everyonewho is considering this diet should know about. There are many side effects possible,but some of them include blood clots, depression, restlessness and weakness.Some will do anything to reduce the weight, they will take diet pills, usestrange formulas, and use unusual devices and equipment for exercising, because all of theseproducts are advertised to give results. The HCG diet is one of them, too. Thisproduct advertises that it can reduce three pounds in only one day.

Thereare safety items that need to be mentioned. The HCG diet is weight lossprogram involving ultra-low calories intake. The manufactures of this dietstate that accumulated fat is burned by the HCG hormone acids. Also, they saythat the kilos will not return, although this hasn't been proven yet. Only severalside effects have been discovered during clinical trials and we will focus onthem now.

Side Effects of HCG Diet

The human Chorionic gonadotropin or HCG can be found in the secretion of pregnantwomen, especially in the early stage. IT is responsible for the properprogesterone production, and this item is very important for the fetus andmother as well. It also converts the collected adipose tissue into thecalories and reduces appetite, thus leading to weight reduction. Oralsupplements and injections are available for purchase. These items are filledwith HCG that is taken from the urine of pregnant women.

When you follow thisdiet, you have to take less than 500 calories during a day. They are taken throughfood, and also you will take HCG injections or oral drops. Since 500 caloriesis not even nearly enough for a body to function properly, it can create irritation,weakness, light headaches and food craving.

Also, FDA has never approved this hormone for reduction of weight. It can helpwith the testosterone secretion among males and problems with fertility, butnot for weight loss. There has been no study proving scientifically the factsthat the manufacturer advertises. Also, there is no publication on side effects that can arise from the HCG diet. The most common complaints go on depression, bloodclots, restlessness and headaches.

Other problems include swelling of the feetor hands, breast tenderness and water retention. The ovarian hyperstimulationsyndrome is a more serious side effect that produces weight gain, excessurination, breathing problems, vomiting and nausea. The effect of this diet isnot yet determined. If you are considering using this diet, we recommend youeducated yourself in detail. We will end with the notion that there aremany healthier ways of reducing body weight.

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