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hCG stands for human Chorionic gonadotropin which is a certain type of hormone commonly found it the bodies of pregnant women. The placenta of a pregnant woman actually secretes the hormone and its main purpose is to maintain the wanted levels of progesterone required for a proper, healthy pregnancy. Certain British scientists discovered during the 1950s that hCG can also be used for weight loss very efficiently, especially when it gets combined with certain low calorie diet plans. In theory, hCG is meant to reduce the amount of fats in the human body, leaving the muscle mass intact. In the beginning, the HCG supplements were used in the form of injections, and it was only later on that the science introduced them in the form of drops. Nowadays, hCG drops are the most popular and frequently used method of administration. There are still those who want to follow the hCG diet but are unsure whether they should use hCG supplements in the form of injections or drops.

The Comparison

hCG drops can actually be characterized as a homeopathic type of remedy and they are meant to be placed under the tongue until they get dissolved completely. They need to be accompanied by a very strict low calorie diet. The diet does not allow the person to ingest more than 500 calories per day in its initial phases. It is only after a while that the user is allowed to ingest 1000 calories per day. Depending on the amount of pounds which need to be lost, the daily dosage of hCG drops can be up to 6 units per day. hCG injections are a completely different type of treatment. They are intramuscular injections and a person needs to take only one each day. The aforementioned diet with a significantly reduced amount of calories applies to this type of treatment as well.

There are not that many differences between using hCG supplements in the form of injections or drops. Drops are commonly much more popular because the administration is much easier and it is not painful. If used properly, both different ways of administering the hormone may provide a person with a steady weight loss of up to 2 pounds per day. Both forms of supplements need to be kept in the refrigerator. Drops are much more convenient than the injections and they are also definitely less intimidating. Drops are also much cheaper than the injections.

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