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HCG is just shortened version of Human ChorionicGonadotropin. This is a hormone usually connected with pregnancy. Pregnant womenare established to produce HCG, important for the unborn child in order to usemother’s fat for his/her own development.

HCG Uses

HCG is also used to treat infertility in women, since one ofits roles is the assistance in ovulation. Men could also be using this hormone,especially those who need to stimulate the production of testosterone. In thesecases, HCG imitates another hormone, known as luteinizing hormone (or LH) that normallystimulates testosterone production.

Weight Loss with Homeopathic HCG

Overweight has become one of the most problematic issues formany people. Obesity, however, is the reason for concern, threatening thehealth of these patients. Obese people are proved to be exposed to higher riskof diabetes, high blood pressure and heart-related problems. Homeopathic HCG hasbeen claimed to be very helpful for the treatment of obesity and weight loss. Thisenergetic imprint of the HCG is believed to be helpful for both fast results and long-termtherapy of these medical problems.

Homeopathic HCG drops will give you the same results as theHCG. They could be easily found as OTC preparations, usually labeled as 6x,12x, 30 x or 60x, which means that they contain 1 drop of real HCG in bucket ofwater (if it’s 6x) or a drop of HCG in 60gallon water tank (if the label say60x).

In overweight or obese people HCG should be combined with aproper diet. HCG is here claimed to affect the brain, especially the partcalled hypothalamus, which should lead to the melting and using of stored fatin the body. It is said to affect only the fat in your stomach, hips, thighsand upper arms, causing it to melt away more rapidly. Released fat should giveyou some extra energy and satisfy your stomach, too. This way, you won’t feelhungry all the time and you will eat less food. Used in weight loss, HCG isbelieved to affect the fat only, without the harmful effect to the muscles.This effect makes this drug different from all others, since you are suppose to losesome fat only on problematic areas and you will still maintain your muscles. Advocatesof homeopathic HCG drops say that just by using this product, you will be ableto lose about 3.000 calories per day, and all that will be mostly unwanted fatfrom your body.

Homeopathic HCG diet is the one which includes homeopathicHCG drops and proper food. This diet plan usually lasts for 24 days and is saidto suppress your appetite and provide you with plenty of energy, even thoughyou won’t be taking many calories per day. This diet is claimed to have no sideeffects whatsoever and to provide long term results to overweight people.

First few days it is recommended to eat fatty food and useHCG drops, mainly to boost your metabolism. After that, you should take highprotein food, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, but avoid carbohydratesand sugar.

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