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Water with a balanced ph. level to the alkaline scale is called alkaline water. We will see which benefits are associated with the consumption of bottled alkaline water. Tap water is the water that most of the people consume, but something most people do not ask about is the ph. level of this water. Even filtering the water will not be enough if we want to drink healthy water. It is very important to consume water that has a balanced ph. level. The water that has this level, which is pre-adjusted, is bottled alkaline water.

Bottle Alkaline Water

There is 94% of water in blood, while there is 70% of water in the human body. As you can see, water is very important for the functioning of the human body and many problems may rise if this water has incorrect ph. balance, or if it is polluted. The acidity in our body is increased due to external factors such as stress and the food we eat, which manufacture waste material. These materials then travel and are left in many organs such as lymph and kidneys. This waste material can spread around the body and cause many medical problems. Many microorganism and bacteria can grow due to this situation. This level of acidity can be brought to normal, if water with the balanced ph. level is consumed.

Manufacturing of the Bottled Alkaline Water

This process uses reverse osmosis process, ionizers and distillers and with their help, there are several alkalinity degrees that can be achieved. The ph. level of 7 is associated with rain water and this is the level to which alkaline water is close, but the alkaline level is higher than in rain water. The water first needs to be boiled in the boiler and the condenser is used for the gathering of the steam produced in the process. The condenser and boiler are two components of the distiller machine. Then, the alkalinity is achieved with the help of the ionization process. The influence of the negative and positive electrode separates the water in acidic and alkaline purpose, with the fact that 30% of the acidic water will be used in some other ways. The 70% of the alkaline water can be consumed. The pollutants, the particulate pollutants, will be removed then with the use of semi-permeable membrane used during the reverse osmosis procedure. This process makes the alkaline level of the water slightly above the level of the tap water.

The water that should be consumed has ph. level from 8 - 9, which depends on the manufacturer. If you consume this water, it will create an urge to drink more and you should never drink less than 3l during the day. This will also decrease the food cravings you may have.

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