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Remarkable increase in numbers

By observing the latest data alone, one can quite easily conclude that the number of people who favor alcohol and love indulging in it daily has been increasing steadily. What the greatest majority of such people is not fully aware of, or lacks sufficient information on is that alcohol as such has the tendency of initiating and inducing a lot of unfavorable health-related side effects.

The most frequent excuse one is to encounter is that the 'fiery water', as Indians used to refer to it and rightly so, is the best way to distance one from the daily stress, worries, anxieties, as well as life-related issues. But, as it is already known, alcohol should be the last way out, i.e. it would be best if people would actually stop regarding it as one, and avoid consuming it regularly and in greater quantities altogether.

Downsides and ill effects

A well known fact is that alcohol has ill effect on our health in general. What may not be all that familiar to many is how exactly alcohol exudes its ill effects on our health. The answer is that once it finds its way into our body after a person in question consumed it, it begins mixing with the person's blood, which enables it to get to all the vital parts in the body, affecting them in a most unfavorable and undesired manner. Furthermore, the fiery water is known to have extremely harmful immediate effect on the central nervous system, affecting its overall speed and urging it to function and operate at a much slower rate than usual.

Having its unfavorable effects on the person's body itself, these are determined and influenced by a couple of distinct factors. Namely, they include the quantity of alcohol taken in, as well as the manner in which it was consumed (single occasion, after specific intervals), the age of the person in question, gender, to mention but those most prominent ones. In addition to this, it is important to emphasize that in case a person in question is a chronic alcoholic, the overall harmful effects are surely to be intensified much more.

Concerning the ill effects of alcohol on those most vital organs, it is important to know that in case of the brain, these include impaired behavior and judgment, loss of memory, inability to concentrate and keep co-ordination, impaired vision and hearing, slower motor skills, mood alterations and slurred speech. On the other hand, in case of the liver, it all comes down to jaundice, liver cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis and liver cancer.

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