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Although alcohol causespleasant and uplifting feelings, it is actually a depressant, which means that itcauses your nervous system to be more relaxed, but it can also cause emotions ofsorrow to grow. So-called sad trip is usually occurring when a person hasentered more alcohol than her or his organism can handle. Alcohol alsoeliminates inhibitions we have and it causes us to speak frankly about ourfeelings. This is a well-known effect of alcohol and it is true in some cases,though not always.

What does alcohol doto your body?

First of all, alcoholcauses changes in person’s consciousness so that the individual who is drunkcan’t completely control his behavior, thoughts or movements. It is alsopossible that the individual who is drunk can’t later remember what events occurredduring the period while he was drunk. This is something that allows others totake advantage of a drunken person.

Effects of alcohol onthe heart

Alcohol can benefitheart functioning but it can also cause negative results. When consumed in smalldoses, alcohol can help you to get rid of the feeling of anxiety. Anxiety causesthe pressure to rise and with alcohol this will not happen. Alcohol will helpyou relax and it will slow down your pulse rate in these situations. But if youdrink a lot of alcohol, it will cause your pulse rate to be very slow and thatcan lead to losing conscious.

Effects of alcohol on the liver

Alcohol can be verybad for liver, especially if consumed often and in large doses. Sometimes a doctorcan advise you to drink beer to get rid of the kidney stones easier, but in limitedamounts. That will not have a bad influence on your liver, but if you exceed thenormal dose of alcohol, it will certainly leave serious consequences on yourliver functioning.

Other effects ofalcohol

Alcohol can have short-term effects on the nervous system and they are usually seen as inability tosee clearly and to have motor coordination. These are the reasons why a drunkenperson mustn’t drive. When a person drinks a lot of alcohol for a short periodof time, there is a great possibility that he will experience stomachdifficulties. The usual problems are throwing up and burning sensation in thestomach. Alcohol also has impact on kidneys and it is not rare that individualsfeel dehydrated after drinking alcohol.

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