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Hair loss is a possibility and the risk of this problem isnot decreased if you dye your hair. This would mean that there is a chance thatboth those who use hair color and those who do not, may have the same chances ofhaving this problem. Every case is different, and the chances of having a hair loss issue depend on theperson involved. There are several kinds of hair loss and every single person on theplanet is prone to this problem, regardless of the sex, head or hair. But do notthink that hair loss is not aided by the hair colors.


Baldness is mostly associated with men and they are a bit frightened by thesepotential issues. Balding genes are received from the father of your mother, orthe maternal grandfather, so talk to somebody about his baldness problems orweather he had them. You will probably have no problem with hair loss if yourmaternal grandfather had none. But male baldness patters may make womenwonder as well. This occurs rarely but such women may have relatives with themale pattern baldness.

The Eighties

Hair loss is a problem that does not struck old people only, so it is not oddto see people of 40 or 50 years of age, males as well as females, with hairloss problem. This is called premature baldness and for this issue you cannotblame your genes and your maternal grandfather. This brings us back to the 1980sand the period when people had a lot of hair. This was very stylish in thesetimes so they wore spiky and big hairs, used curling irons, coloring, stylinggels and sprays, and in great quantities we might add, in order to make the stylishhair. But this caused great damage for the hair and provoked hair loss.Hair dyes and hair straighteners are the biggest worries of the customers,according to the Food and Drug Administration. There are situations in which you have to use suchproducts, but never use them unless you absolutely have to. Burning sensation,redness and itchiness are other problems caused by hair straighteners and hair dyes. Intense itchiness, face swelling and breathing problems aresymptoms of severe allergic reaction, which can occur due to the use of theseproducts. We advise you not to use hair colors and be satisfied with your haircolor.

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