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Seasonal Hair Loss Characteristics

Human hair grows out of the hairfollicles which all of us have all over scalp, if we considerhead hair solely. Therefore, these numerous hair follicles arecapable of producing hair, holding it into place and, if a hair fallsout, focusing on its regrowing. In fact, parts of our hair do fallout during our lifespan. However, as long as our hair is healthy, itwill most probably grow back from the same follicles which have lostit. Moreover, losing hair is a perfectly natural process in certainsituations. Namely, bearing in mind our mammal characteristics andheritage, the humans tend to shed too. Namely, this happens in thechanges of seasons, especially in the beginning of winter. Therefore,if you notice your hair falling out in some periods while growingback in some others, rest assured that this is nothing more than anabsolutely natural process.

Causes of Seasonal Hair Loss

As far as causes for one losing his,and especially, her hair in winter is the lack of sun. Winter is a period scarce in sun rays, vital for human body'screation of vitamin D. Women experience the effects of thisdeficiency to a much greater extent than men do. Subsequently, theirhair tends to fall out more in these periods. Also, their overallamount of hair may significantly decrease solely during this seasonand for the above mentioned reasons.

Nevertheless, the summer has its impacton human hair as well. Namely, due to excessive sweating weexperience in these periods, our hair follicles tend to get infectedwith a type of yeast which eventually causes one's hair to fall outif the sweating continues. Normally, using an adequate shampoo rulesthis one out. However, hair loss is present and unavoidable in thisseason as well.

All in all, both of these extremeseasons may damage hair and influence its falling out.Therefore, it is important to protect your head every time you are toget out during these seasons.

Possible Treatment for Seasonal HairLoss

You cannot keep your hair on forever.Eventually, some of it will fall out and, hopefully, grow back on.What you can do, however, is pay more attention to it in order tomake it last longer. Therefore, make sure you do not overexposeyourself to stress. Additionally, avoid using hair products likesprays, lotions and other chemicals on the long run, as they might befatal for your hair.

Lukewarm coconut water massages applied to yourhair at least twice a week may be the best treatment your hair canget. Thus, make sure you give it that. Finally, and this goes out forwomen especially, do not iron and color your hair, as well asexpose it to other critical torture. Be happy with the natural,healthy look of your hair, and in cases of some serious hair loss,seek medical attention immediately.

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