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Information on Hair

Hair is actually a filamentous type of biomaterial which commonly grows from the hair follicles located in the dermis of the skin. The entire body is covered with these follicles which produce either fine hair or thick terminal hair. Hair can only be found in mammals. Insects also have certain filamentous outgrowths but those cannot be referred to as hair in the scientific sense of the meaning. These are called trichomes and they can also be found on various different sorts of plants as well. Hair actually has two distinct structures. The hair follicle is the first structure located under the skin. The second part of the structure is the hard, filamentous shaft which actually extends above the surface of the skin. This shaft can be divided into three distinct zones. The cuticle is the first zone and it has several layers of flat cells which overlap one another very similarly to the roof shingles. The second part of the structure is the cortex which is known for containing the keratin bundles. The third part of the structure is located at the fiber’s center and is known as the medulla.

Hair Accessories

There are a large number of hair accessories and other products which are usually used in order to enhance the visual appearance of the hair. Most people are not fully aware of the fact that some of those commercially produced products may contain harsh chemicals which tend to cause significant damage to the hair. Female persons tend to use various hair accessories much more than male persons. Different types of shampoos and conditioners are often the basics of proper hair care. Combing of the hair is also an important aspect of hair care. All different combs used need to be made from plastic or metal and their teeth need to be as smooth as possible because otherwise they may damage the hair. If a person opts to use barrettes, they need to be made from plastic and their teeth need to be rounded, smooth and perfectly seamless. Those who use hair pins a lot should always go for those made of plastic because they do not rip any hair strands when they are taken off the hair. Hair sticks need to be as gentle as possible and they must not contain any sharp sections. If a person uses rubber bands, she or he should go for those which are covered with nylon or satin.

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