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Benign sebaceous adenoma


Sebaceous glands are located within the skin and they are responsible for the production of the oil called sebum. They are commonly attached to the hair follicles and are very important for the proper health and moisturizing of the skin. These glands cover the entire body, and the only areas of the skin which do not contain sebaceous glands are the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. These glands can be found in abundant amounts on the face and the scalp. It is largely unknown what causes sebaceous neoplasms. Once before, they were regarded as solitary tumors, but lately they have been associated with carcinoma of the intestines and the larynx.


It is not possible to pinpoint any particular geographic location which is involved with increased incidence of sebaceous adenoma. Since sebaceous adenomas are actually defined as cutaneous adnexal neoplasms they cannot be associated with any sudden causes of death. Even though they may be associated with a large number of serious medical conditions, it is only rarely that they are associated with carcinomas. Some malignancies associated with sebaceous adenoma may indeed have a big metastatic potential and eventually lead to death. It may also be important to stress out that sebaceous adenomas affect both men and women in equal proportions and that there is no predisposition for any particular race when it comes to this medical condition. Another interesting fact is that sebaceous adenomas mostly affect persons who are over 50 years old.


For those who do not know, sebaceous glands are actually secretory structures which consist of ducts and lobules. Another important information is that all the sebaceous glands inside the human body are actually derived from the basal layer of the epidermis. Sebaceous glands are usually located very closely to the arrector pilli muscles and the hair follicles inside the skin. Any sebaceous gland inside the human body may eventually develop into a sebaceous neoplasm. Sebaceous neoplasm is a specific type of tumor. This type of tumor is medically referred to as the cutaneous adnexal type of tumor and is commonly characterized by various different degrees of sebaceous differentiation. When speaking in professional medical terms, sebaceous adenoma is commonly referred to as a benign epithelial type of neoplasm. The structure of this type of neoplasm is usually made of tumors which are characterized by well recognized sebaceous differentiation or sebaceous gland like structures. 

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