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Most people nowadays love and rely on their hair. It identifies them, it accessories them, and it possibly can be used to hide certain features or enhance them. Having your hair done makes you feel like good and it certainly is an important part to most people’s lives.

Types of Brushes and Water for Your Hair Care

Always remember to not buy the plastic-bristle brushes, it is imperative that you use the correct bristle type. If you tend to brush your hair when it is dry then it’s probably best to go with a brush that has boar bristles. If you like to give you hair a brush when it is wet then it’s better to go with a brush that has rubber-teeth and has a broad surface. Most top stylists will advise you to give your hair a brush when it is dry to help promote circulation thus avoiding dandruff, but remember to be gentle so as not to cause split ends. To avoid this from happening try using a detangling spray prior to brushing. Sometimes people experience the unfortunate fact of having quite dull lifeless hair. Stylists say this could be down to the water you use on your hair. Basically there are two forms of water, hard and soft, the hard water has many chemicals in it whereas the soft water has less. Try giving your local water provider a call and simply ask them which they are providing to you. There are some products that can help you with this problem, try going onto

Tips on How to Care for Your Hair

As you know the tips of your hair stands are rather absorbent thus meaning they can take in colors quicker than the root end of the hair. So a simple tip is to dye a root of your hair first and then the ends. Also think carefully before applying color to your hair and chose chemicals free hair colorants. Most of us have hair that splits at the end, and therefore, in order to keep your hair looking healthy and gorgeous, get a trim approximately every six to eight weeks and a trim means about half an inch.How to Condition Your Hair

Try using a deep conditioner fortnightly and once you have applied it then use your hairdryer as the heat will open up the pores in your hair thus soaking in the conditioner to treat the hair from inside out.

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