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Hair loss

We live in the age when theimportance of the beauty is increasing and when everybody is ready to doeverything to improve their appearance. Therefore, nowadays almost everyone paysmuch attention to their look and every disorder that affects the body andmakes it less beautiful causes a lot of distress. Apart from the healthy skin,the healthy hair is also very important since it gives our face a shape andsomehow defines our look.

When one discovers that his/her hairis falling out in clumps, it is quite frustrating and embarrassing as well. It isestimated that this problem is common nowadays in young men and women sincemany of them lead unhealthy life. Luckily, the hair loss is a reversiblecondition.

Causes of hair falling out in clumps

The hair falls out in clumps usuallywhen we are washing it since the hair becomes less strong when it is wet and weshake the hairs that are about to fall out. Furthermore, women usually seetheir hair falling out in clumps when they condition it.In women, hair tends to fall out inclumps after the pregnancy. The hair has its own growing cycle but when a woman is pregnant, the increased amounts of progesterone and estrogen tend to decrease the hairloss and the hair becomes thicker than it was before the pregnancy. However,after the childbirth when the levels of the hormones are normal again, the hairthat was to fall earlier starts to fall out after the pregnancy.The people who are constantlyexposed to stressful situations and who suffer from depression or anxiety aremore prone to experience hair falling out in clumps. Stress tends to causehormonal changes in the body, thus resulting in hair loss. Furthermore, when one usescertain medications to treat stress or depression, the hair loss might appear as aside effect of those medicines. Therefore, it is extremely important to makecertain changes regarding the lifestyle, like introducing regular exercising,meditation and consuming healthy foods. One of the causes for the occurrenceof hair loss is chemotherapy since in this procedure, the cancerous cells arebeing divided along with the normal cells affecting the hair follicle in thegrowing phase. Therefore, the hair loss is a consequence of chemotherapy.The deficiency of certain mineralsand vitamins might also lead to the incidence of the hair falling out in clumps. Forexample, the sufficient amount of zinc, iron, folic acid, vitamin C and vitaminB12 are important for the healthy hair.

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