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Even though pregnant woman have to cope with many discomforts during the nine months, it is still the most beautiful experience for them since they are constantly dwelling upon the thought of carrying a new life inside their bellies. Although the pregnancy brings many uncomfortable conditions and situations, there are also certain side effects of that even after the child is born.

Hair loss

It is observed that the expecting mothers have beautiful thick hair and that they do not experience hair loss during the nine months. However, it will happen after the child delivery. It is estimated that even in the 50% of cases the women experience this distressful condition. It is distressful and frustrating since after the child birth, the hair starts to fall even in clumps in some cases, and we know how much the women are sensitive when their hair is in the question. The hair somehow defines every woman and when the hair is impaired somehow, it may lead to the low self-esteem and lack of confidence. In some cases, women even fall into the postnatal depression. The hair loss typically occurs in the first five months after the delivery.

Causes of postnatal hair loss

The hair loss after the pregnancy occurs only due to hormones. As we already know, the levels of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone tend to increase in pregnancy since they maintain pregnancy and prepare the body for the growing baby. The elevated levels of estrogen improve the metabolism, which becomes faster than earlier and thus the necessary nutrients reach the scalp in abundance causing the thicker scalp hair. However, after the delivery, the hormones are brought back into the normal levels, and since there is no more surplus estrogen hair loss occurs as a consequence.

Hair loss may also be caused by stillbirth and miscarriage, as well as by the stopping the use of the birth control pills. Hormonal imbalance and abortion are also some of the responsible causes for the incidence of hair loss in women.

Treatment for postnatal hair loss

The women who experience the distressful hair loss after the childbirth can restore their hair by proper hair care and a healthy diet. The massage of the scalp with the essential oils, as well as the shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica are highly recommended. As for the diet, it should include the foods that are high in the vitamins B, C and E, as well as in zinc.

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