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How we look is very important to the majority of the world’s population. It’s fair to say that our hair and skin is important to us, how it looks how it feels and the health of it. Basically the food that we are told is good for our health in general is good for our hair and skin too. As long as the food is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and you don’t actually put it directly on your hair then it will help your skin and hair to look and feel good.

Vitamin B12

This particular vitamin is very important for your hair and your skin and essentially you simply cannot have nice skin or hair without it. If you are deficient in vitamin B12 then you will eventually notice your hair thinning and falling out, possibly your skin wrinkling. The majority of women who are suffering with hair loss will more likely have a deficiency of the vitamin B12. If you think that you are deficient in the vitamin B12 and you want to take a supplement, check the label as it is important to contain vitamin Biotin. According to the medical experts, the Biotin supplement is also vital for the growth of your hair. The doctor will usually give you the biotin supplement in conjunction with minoxidil (Roganie, Ronoxidil) for women with hair loss and Propecia and/or Proscar for men suffering with hair loss. Most of the time the biotin according to doctors, should be taken every day in doses of three mg. However, the nutritional experts say you only need three hundred micrograms of it.

Hair Products

Don’t worry if you use hair products like perms, shampoos, bleach, dyes, and even blow dryers because they will not disengage the affect of the Vitamin B12 or Biotin vitamin. Everyone knows that, some products obviously will damage your hair and cause breakages but they won’t actually cause any damage to the root of the hair.


It is not just down to vitamin B12 and Biotin to help your skin and your hair. If you take eighty mg of Zinc on a daily basis, you will also see the benefits. The zinc can neutralize dihydrotestosterone which occurs in the shaft of the hairs. If you are to have zinc as a supplement you should also need to couple it with cooper. Have around three mg of cooper per day to balance the zinc.

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