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The blood type diet was designed by a naturopathic physician Peter D’Adamo, author of Eat Right 4 Your Type. Peter D’Adamo claims that each blood type needs to have its own nutrition plan since there is a chemical reaction between the blood and consumed food.

How does it Work?According to Peter D’Adamo proteins, called the lecitins, that are present in food interact with the blood. Furthermore, he says that lecitins are responsible for many health problems in people with certain blood types, since they cause blood cells to agglutinate which eventually leads to obstruction of body organs. This theory was presented in his book “Lecitins: The Diet Connection”. In the book, D’adamo advocates specific diet for blood type that will reduce chemical reaction with lecitins.

D’Adamo based his ideas on book wrote by an immunochemist and blood type anthropologist William C. Boyd’s, “Genetics and the Races of Men: An Introduction to Modern Physical Antrophology”. Boyd observed that blood groups are inherited and by genetic analysis of blood groups, human races are populations that differ according to their alleles. Hence, he divided world population into 13 geographically different races with different blood group gene profiles. According to that, D’Adamo composed unique diet plan for each blood type within these thirteen races.

Diet PlanBlood type O is the oldest blood type and it originates from meat- eaters, hunters. D’Adamo suggests that blood type O benefits from high protein diet that includes lean meats, poultry and fish. On the other hand, grains, breads and legumes should be restiricted.

Blood type A evolved from agrarian ancestors. Thereby, the diet for this blood type should mainly involve vegetables, grains and soy proteins while meat should be excluded.

Blood Type B originates from nomads who have tolerant digestive system and strong immune system. D’Adamo recommends to people with this blood type to eat low-fat dairy products and meat. Corn, lentils and wheat are not compatible with blood type B.

Blood type AB is “modern”, recently evolved blood type existing less than 1000 years. This blood group has sensitive digestive tract and should include seafood, tofu and dairy products in their diet but avoid chicken, beef and pork.

ControversyEven though D’Adamo claims there are numerous ABO specific lecitins present in foods, he didn’t support his theory with scientific research. Explorers have found that such lecitins are mostly found in inedible plants and animals except for couple of foods. Also, there are no clinical trials that would support blood type diet. Still, D’Adamo claims he conducted scientific study although it was never published.

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