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Our urine is, logically, liquid waste expelled from our organism. It gets created by all the things our kidney filtrate, and sent to our bladder. Therefore, our urine contains waste divided from our intake of fluids and food, dead blood cells, and all the negative elements our body wants to get rid of while fighting off a certain disease or a similar problem. Thus, strangely colored urine may be connected to our nutrition, a certain disease we might be suffering from or some other problems regarding our health. The same goes for the case of experiencing green colored urine. Thus, as soon as you notice this phenomenon, it is important to know the causes in order to establish a possible diagnosis before you react adequately and seek medical assistance in order to treat the underlying problem.

Reasons behind Green Urine

First of all, there are several different reasons for this unusual appearance. One of the causes may be excessive intake of vitamin B. Also, too much calcium in our organism may lead to the development of this condition. Additionally, urinary tract infection can be the reason behind green urine as well. However, there are more possible suspects in this area, since certain drugs and medications may cause bile problems, resulting in green urine too. Anyhow, this phenomenon is the first sign of something being wrong in your organism. It might be a disease or a similar health complication, or you might just have eaten too much asparagus or green vegetables. Finally, some medications contain special dye, which can get to your urine, changing its color and making it green.

Possible Treatment

Unless you are suffering from an urinary tract infection, there is no other serious cause of green urine. Rather, there is a high likelihood that there is an excessive concentration of green pigment in your organism, acting as a result of your nutrition. Thus, if you are eating asparagus often, and your urine turns green, try stopping the consumption and you might experience your urine color normalizing. Furthermore, drink plenty of water during the day, since, this way, you can dissolve the green pigment and make it invisible. If all this fails, and the symptoms still remain, seek medical assistance.

Light green colored urine can be a warning sign for the above mentioned urinary tract infection. Thus, you need to react timely in order to prevent this disease from advancing, causing more serious problems. In all other cases, we can conclude that green urine is not a dangerous phenomenon. Nevertheless, it should not be neglected either.

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