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Dark yellow urine causes

Urine is a liquid excretory product mostly made of water and water soluble waste parts. In a body, kidneys are the most important organ of the excretory system. Kidneys filter the blood in order to extract these water soluble waste substances. Then, these substances are flushed from the body along with the water through the urethra. This excretory system is made of kidney, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra.

Nitrogenous products like urea, uric acid, creatinine, hormones, enzymes and mineral salt are the water soluble waste substances that are found in the urine. The color of the urine that gets expelled from the body is transparent or pale yellow and is a bit acidic in nature. Urochrome is a pigment which makes the urine appear pale yellow. When the color goes from pale yellow to dark yellow it is because of a couple of reasons.Dark yellow urine causes

The change in urine color can be a good indicator that there is something wrong in the body. A couple of things can lead to urine color change.

Most experts agree that dehydration is the most common reason why the color of the urine has changed. If a person does not drink enough water, the waste material will pile up and make the pale yellow color of the urine become dark yellow. In addition to this, the smell of dark urine will become more foul.

Consumption of some foods and drugs can lead to the change of the urine color as well. For instance, if a person has eaten asparagus his or herurine will become dark yellow. On the other hand, the intake of blackberries will give the urine a red tinge. A person's urine will be reddish purple if that person has had large amounts of beets.Medications like quinine derivatives, nitrofurantoin and sulfamethoxazole can cause the color of the urine to become dark yellow.

Some diseases and disorders of the liver, kidney and urinary bladder can cause the change of urine color. Jaundice is the disease that causes the urine color to become dark yellow in most cases. Hematuria and hemolytic anemia are some other disease that can cause the change in the urine color.Urine can become orange, brown and even greenish if there is some underlying condition. Melanoma cancer, hepatitis and copper poisoning can make the urine color become brown. Green urine is mostly associated with too much vitamin B in the system.

Dark yellow urine symptoms

Usually there are no symptoms that go with dark yellow urine unless it is caused by some disease. However, a person can smell a strong odor if it is due to the infection in the urinary tract. Apart from this, a person may urinate a lot and feel a burning sensation while doing so.

However, the first thing a person must do if the change of urine color occurs is to know what foods he or she have consumed and how much water he or she is drinking.

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