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Yellow Means Healthy

There are many shades of yellow our urine can have. Depending on our intake, lifestyle and the amount of water we have drunk, as well as several other things, our urine can be light yellow, which is the best possible variant or go darker all the way to dark amber. However, there are discolorations of this type which can bear witness of certain illnesses and other health problems affecting our body. If we happen to notice our urine to be pink, green, brown, orange or in any other strange and unusual color, contact your doctor and pay him/her a visit since this is the best way to deal with this potential problem.

Different Colors and Their Interpretation

If you are having brown urine, this might signify several different things. First of all, if you have consumed fava beans, aloe or rhubarb, you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if this is not the case, you might be suffering from some liver problems or might be experiencing side-effects of certain medications we are taking.

Drinking a lot of carrot juice can trigger orange urine. Yet, medications can trigger this urine color too. As for the dark yellow, it is a clear sign of dehydration. Still, if you have eaten asparagus or have high levels of vitamin B, you will have the same color of urine present. Unfortunately, jaundice, anemia and some other health problems can be possible as well.

Red or pink urine are the cause of concern since they usually bear witness to a nervous diseases called porphyria. Nevertheless, these colors may be caused by dyes from the food and drinks our intake consists of, as well as from certain things we have consumed beforehand. Internal bleeding in kidneys is yet another matter of concern, manifesting this way.

Seeing blue and green urine should not frustrate you since, in most cases, there is a high likelihood that medications are behind these. However, this phenomenon in children could be the sign of a disease called blue diaper syndrome.

Finally, whenever you're having darker or cloudy urine, you should be worried, because there is a chance of a urinary tract infection.

Now you know what to be afraid of every time you witness a strange colored urine. Remember that seeking medical attention is the best possible cure and do not wait a single moment after the occurrence of these anomalies before reacting.

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