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Foul odor of the urine usually indicates some medical condition but may also occur due to some foods, medications or vitamins. Smelly urine is most commonly a sign of the urinary tract infections. Urine of a healthy person is clear and almost odorless. Slight change in color and smell of the urine is usually caused by an infection while strong foul odor of urine may indicate some severe illness. These conditions have to be treated in order to get rid of urine odor. On the other hand, smelly urine can be the result of dehydration that can be managed with sufficient water intake.

Common Causes of Smelly Urine As it was already mentioned, the most common cause of the urine odor is the urinary tract infection (UTI). This condition mostly affects women because of their shorter urethra which makes them more vulnerable to infections. It has been estimated that between 20 and 50 % of women suffer from urinary tract infections. UTI can spread to the kidneys if not treated on time. In urinary tract infection, foul urine smell occurs due to presence of bacteria in urine. Urinary tract infection can be caused by overly active sexual life or due to having several sexual partners. UTI can be also caused by pregnancy.

Smelly urine may be caused by insufficient water intake or dehydration. Due to dehydration the urine becomes highly concentrated and has strong ammonia odor and altered color.

Liver disease can also be the cause of smelly urine as well as some metabolic disorders such as phenylketonuria, an inherited disease.

Smelling urine excretion can be caused by diabetes because sugar can pass down to the urine giving it specific odor. Smelly urine is usually a symptom of diabetes.

Foods like asparagus, onion, and garlic as well as certain drugs and medicinal supplements can cause temporary foul odor of the urine.

Maple syrup urine disease is an inherited and potentially deadly disorder that may cause burned caramel smell in the urine.

Symptoms of Smelly Urine

Foul odor in the urine is always accompanied with changed color of the urine. Color change in the urine may occur due to different reasons but dark or red color in urine is usually a sign of severe disease. Cystitis or bladder infection is always followed by soul smelling urine. Also, kidney stones can be the symptom of smelly urine especially when they are eliminated through the urine.

Treatment for Smelly UrineCause of smelly urine must be determined in order to eliminate foul odor. Smelly urine that is caused by UTI can be taken care of with the help of prescribed medications. Drinking plenty of water can also be helpful because the urine odor will slowly clear off as you flush the body with it.

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