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When a man is healthy, his urine is clear, usually yellowin color and with mild smell. However, kidneys are responsible for theproduction of urine, and all toxins and chemicals from the body are excretedthis way. Urea is the component which gives specific odor to urine, and thesmell is more prominent if there is a higher concentration of urea. Concentratedurine is smellier than diluted one.

Causes of Smelly Urine

Changes in the color and smell of urine can be temporary andnot so serious condition, but it could also indicate more severe disease ordisorder.

Dehydration is one of frequent cause of smelly urine in men,especially if they are living in hot climates. Men that exercise a lot and loselarge amount of fluids from the body, without compensating that with sufficientamount of water are also prone to this condition. Their urine tends to be veryconcentrated and have strong smell, because of the ammonia in it.

Bladder infection or cystitis is more likely to develop inwomen, but it can happen to men, too. Urethra becomes infected with bacteria,and the infection spreads to the prostate and bladder. These people experienceburning while urinating and frequent need to urinate, as well. Urinary tract infectionsare also recognized as the cause of smelly urine in men. Poor diet, weak immunesystem, stress or sexual contact with the person infected with Escherichia colibacteria might lead to infections of urinary tract in men.

Patients suffering from diabetes can also experience smellyurine. Their urine smells sweet, because of the glucose in it.

MSUD or maple syrup urine disease is genetic disorder. Thebody of these patients can’t metabolize some amino acids, such as valine,leucine and isoleucine, and their kidneys secrete urine that smells like maplesyrup.

Eating asparagus or using vitamin B6 supplements is oftenfound to provoke smelly urine in men. Kidney stones or infections and liverfailure can also lead to the same symptom.

How to Treat Smelly Urine in Men

When your urine starts to smell differently, first thing youshould do is to hydrate your body. Drink plenty of water or some other fluids. Manydoctors agree that about 2l of clear water is sufficient to improve the smellof your urine.

Teaspoon of honey and unsalted yogurt, cranberry juice andraw cranberries are suggested as natural urinary antiseptics, which may helpyou with some urinary infections.

Some people might get medications for smelly urine, such as amoxicillin,cephalosporins, doxycycyline, quinolones, sulfa drugs ortrimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

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