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Buying gifts for your partner is something truly beautiful. Everyone likes receiving gifts, especially if the significant other has tried hard to find something unique and creative. Well, adequate lingerie is, by far, one of the best possible choices for a gift. You can surprise your girlfriend or a partner with some sexy underwear in which both of you can enjoy later. Yet, there are certain matters you need to bear in mind once you embark on a lingerie-purchase adventure.

Mind the Size

Once you set off to buy a piece of underwear for your lady, make sure you know what size to look for. Too large will lead her to thinking that certain parts of her body are too big. On the other hand, too small garment will result in her thinking that she has gained weight.

Thus, check the labels on her existing underwear beforehand. If you happen not to have access to such quarters, use your imagination and power to compare and contrast. Namely, Kylie Minogue would need small while Charlotte Church would look great in medium-sized lingerie. However, if the love of your life is gifted Jennifer Lopez-style, her precious body will look even better in a size large.

Now, here comes the difficult part. Bras have more complicated measurement systems since there are numbers for size and letters for fullness. Therefore, it is best to ask the partner for her size indirectly, keeping the element of surprise for later.

Style Is of the Essence

When it comes to style, go all out. Buy the most expensive thing you can possibly afford and there is a great chance that it will be stylish, sexy and of high quality. Still, do not forget to pay attention to the styles and colors during her wardrobe size inspection. Some girls like thongs, some go for regular styling while some enjoy boxers. Keep this in mind and acquire all the necessary information before your shopping mission.

Additional Briefing

Just in case you happen not to know, there is a little chance that a woman with a larger bottom will accept wearing a thong or something overexposing. In these cases, you will go best with boxers or full frilly pants. Alternatively, you can opt for silky, see-through materials, but do not cross this limit. Owners of smaller behinds will look good in almost anything. Subsequently, here you have more freedom to introduce G-strings and other, more revealing, garments.

Also, women with fuller chest like a bra which provides a good support, so keep that in mind, always settling for black color option. Red is a bit risky, while pink can be quite romantic.

Finally, wrapping is as important as the gift itself. Be creative and romantic, making the gift look beautiful with nice wrappings, rose petals, glitter, perfume or other aesthetic additions.

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