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If you are visibly pregnant during Christmas (only a few days away now yay!), deciding what to wear for Christmas is probably more difficult than usual. I've been pregnant at Christmas twice myself, so I have been there, done that. Many women look naturally beautiful during their pregnancies, but the same cannot be said for most maternity clothes, unfortunately. What are the best options for Christmas, and the new year?

If you are not very pregnant yet, you can probably rely on your existing party wardrobe. Some maternity pants with a loose, flowing top will make you look great. Tunics are an easy Christmas option. Or you can team a gorgeous bolero with a maternity top. If you have a nice top that you don't quite fit into any more, then belly bands can be a great option. I have even seen some fun belly bands in Christmas patterns look on the homemade creative website etsy if you are interested. But a-line dresses are the easiest and probably most pretty choice of them all. Non maternity a-line dresses are forgiving to your new shape, and before you run out and buy a special maternity

Christmas outfit that you will probably never get to wear again, checking what you already have lying around can pay off. Of course, being comfortable during pregnancy matters more than looking great, but there is no reason you couldn't do both. If you are feeling brave, and like Mariah Carey, you can even dress as a pregnant Santa! If you are due around Christmas, you might even end up wearing a hospital gown for Christmas. And for after the birth, you will get the chance to put those Christmas PJs you will probably get as a gift a lot more often than in previous years. Merry Christmas to you! And if you're looking for Christmas prezzies for a pregnant friend, look at our ideas for great Christmas gifts for expectant mothers.

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