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Shampoos and Shampooing

We have to wash our hair with shampoosin order to keep it clean. Being the most advanced race on thisplanet, we have miraculously discovered substances which keep ourhair healthy, clean and safe from all the bacteria and other harmfulmicroorganisms.

Basically, shampoos consist of cleaningagents, apart from the pleasant scent and other additions. Also,shampoos usually have conditioners, which keep our hair soft and lessprone to tangling, making it easier for us to take care of it andcomb it the way we want.

There are many different types ofshampoos and we are supposed to experiment a bit until we find theones which are excellent for our hair type and the type of skin wehave on our scalp. By following the tips which are to be mentionedbelow, you will know what to look for when you start choosing yourideal shampoo.

Which One Is My Shampoo?

The first thing you need to bear inmind when choosing a shampoo is your hair type. This may take yousome time, since there are many different shampoo types for varioushair types. Thus, through trial and error, opt for the one suitingyou the best.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you shouldnever wash your hair with soap or liquid soap. This can damage yourhair and cause dandruff. Thus, use hair products for your hair.

Upon choosing the ideal shampoo foryour purposes, you may first buy smaller packs for testing, beforeactually purchasing a longer-time-usage container.

When you wash your hair, use rinsingwater. Bathing water has been exposed to your body dirt and the wholeprocess will be more or less pointless if you opt for washing yourhair with it.

Next, keep your combs clean. The bestprocedure is to wash your combs while you are waiting for yourshampoo or conditioner to “kick in” after applying it on yourscalp. Combs and other hair items usually get affected by dust whilethey are waiting for your next use, somewhere on the shelves of yourbathroom. Thus, keep your hair clean by keeping your combs clean.

Change the shampoo you are using everytwo weeks. Your hair is likely to develop a resistance to the activesubstance in the shampoo you are using. Thus, stay creative andintroduce a repeating cycle of different shampoos.

Last but not least, do not trust theadvertisements. Rather, check the ingredient lists and judge by theeffectiveness of a specific shampoo on your own scalp, changing it ifit does not meet the requirements.

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