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One of the most widely spread skin conditions around the world is dandruff. It actually effects over half of the globe's population. Dandruff can be prevented and completely stopped in its tracks. It does take time and it does take effort, but it can be done. Many people are embarrassed by this condition and it can be very irritating for the host.How to Alleviate Dandruff Symptoms with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is the number one way to treat dandruff. Many people will buy tea tree oil in a form of shampoo, but it can be found just as an oil. In this form, it would need to be diluted and put on your hair and scalp before washing or can applied on the scalp prior to going to the sleep and left over night. Still, it is recommended to purchase the tea tree oil as a shampoo because it already has the quantities measured with the correct concentration. In this way, you can be sure that the concentration is safe and, at the same time, sufficient to ensure effectiveness. If you read the ingredient label on the back of any of the anti-dandruff shampoos you will more than likely find they all have some quantity of tea tree oil in them.

How to Alleviate Dandruff Symptoms with Vinegar

A simple and very common cure for dandruff is sitting in every kitchen cupboard - vinegar. Mix it with water in a one-to-three ratio (one part of vinegar to at least three parts of water) and then simply put it on your head before you go to bed, making sure you really rub it into your scalp. Because this liquid combination is very watery, it is advisable to dip a cotton wool ball into the liquid and apply the concentration in that way. It will save you from making a mess and it will also aid you in the application to the scalp and not all over your hair. It’s also advisable to wash your hair the following morning. Continue this procedure once a week for approximately two to three months or until the dandruff has completely disappeared.Other Ways to Alleviate Dandruff

It would be more expensive and probably wouldn’t give you better results than the two ideas mentioned above, but you can try the medicated shampoos. It is a good idea not to use gels, hairsprays and other hair styling products whilst using a medicated shampoos.

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