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Is there cure for a gray hair? The process of getting old and going gray is a part of a normal life and depends on a lifestyle and genetic factors. Preventing going gray is possible by taking enough minerals and vitamins, increasing circulation and also avoiding stress factors that are relevant. A reason of going gray is the leaching of melanin, which is a substance that in certain period of life colours the hair. It is possible, for some people, that some bodies do not produce enough melanin or produce less that it is usual for the age. The amino acid tyrosine makes melanin and adding of melanin can improve the gray hair situation. The body produces melanin from food that has protein, so in most cases there is no need for a supplement called tyrosine.

Improving Circulation of Blood

Because of the lack of vitamins, many people go gray before their 40. Lack of vitamins and minerals is a big cause of gray hair. There are useful vitamin products on the market, such as Spirulina , Chlorella or dark green vegetable to be taken. Spirulina is organically developed and has lots of protein and important vitamins and minerals too. Also to do not forget to mention amino acids that help a great deal in preventing grey hair. In dieting, for instance, it is also important of an intake of a moderate or high level of protein diet, because amino acids are split form of protein, with different functions on skin and hair. L-Cystine, L-Methionine and L-Tyrosine are very important for the production of Melanin: it is important for all essential amino acids.

The circulation of blood overall is vital for the body to get enough nutrients to all body and organs. Where there is not enough circulation, hair goes gray more quickly. In this case, taking vitamins is useful. Daily recreation and fitness program improves blood circulation. A light finger massage of scalp 5-10 minutes per day greatly improves circulation. There are useful circulation improvers on the market called Nitric Oxide Amino Acid or Gingko Biloba or a green superfood like Spirulina. Also a hair steamer or sauna is recommended.

Climate and Climate Change

The climate and place where the person lives can have a great impact on scalp and hair. Individuals who are coming from hot and humid places and move to a colder environment often feel less blood circulation on their scalps, because their scalp is getting less intensive blood flow. Therefore, it is important to improve circulation of the head and speed up the process. Faster circulation of the head improves nutrients from food, as it is transported to hair, which directly effects on greying.

Treatments of Grey Hair

Stress is an important factor of getting gray too quickly. Stress determines the body's look and feelings, which reflects on the outside appearance. It is important to relax and think about something nice. Maybe some mediation can help. There are popular weekly or once a month hair treatments. A conditioner can be soaked into a scalp 15 – 30 minutes to achieve nourishing the roots and cuticles. There are also homemade hair treatments that can help:

a) Egg shampoo, because it has amino acids and protein, is mixed with 1 egg and water placed on scalp for 15 – 30 minutes and then washed off with gentle shampoo.

b) A protein conditioner applied on the hair.

c) A coconut oil also applied on the head.

d) Or yogurt placed on the scalp.

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