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There's an Old Person in my MirrorReflection!

Getting old is a normal process oflife. Even though our first wrinkles and gray hair strike us quitehard, in time we get used to the process and learn to accept it.However, little do we know that our aging is caused by hormone leveldecrease in our body. Namely, our DNA structure begins to deterioratedue to the lack of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and, ofcourse the human growth hormone. The latter is, perhaps, the mostimportant for our youthful look, and our decrease in it results inthe onset of our older looks.

The Human Growth Hormone

As mentioned above, this hormone makesus young and full of life. However, nothing lasts forever, especiallyour youth. This hormone is produced normally until we are 20.Afterwards, its production decreases more and more every ten years,resulting in our physical and mental decay, or, getting old. Thus,all the symptoms of aging such as, wrinkles, saggy skin, weightgaining and many others, are all directly connected with the decreaseof the HGH.

Additionally, this hormone improves ourheart functions, makes our skin more healthy and elastic and reducesour body fat levels. Also, it influences our sex drive and sexualfunctioning in general and increases our muscle mass.

All in all, now you know what thishormone does. But, instead of feeling sorry for losing it and all thebenefits it brings, you may be satisfied to know that you canstimulate the production of the HGH completely naturally. Of course,medicine has provided supplements of this hormone, administeredthrough injections, but natural ways are always more efficient andhealthy, therefore a better choice.

Increasing Your Human Growth HormoneLevels Naturally

Firstly, the key to HGH stimulationlies in physical activity and exercising. Therefore, instead ofwaiting for your body to get old in a form of a couch potato, you areadvised to activate yourself and start working out. You may settlefor jogging, cycling, doing both of these with machines in your home,or performing some other actions of this type. These, lighter meansof exercising will surely double your HGH levels. However, morehormones means more exercising. Thus, for maximum HGH production youare to get involved into some weight lifting as well. It is importantto eat healthy and thereby decrease your body fat, making it possiblefor the hormone to function properly. You might settle for hormoneinjections as an alternative, but being active can help you innumerous other life aspects as well.

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