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Gray Hair

This phenomenon comes when we enter a certain age, but it can be easily eliminated with the use of a simple hair dye. Still, there are several things you should know, and which we will try to explain in the text below. The time when hair becomes gray may perplex and even frighten somebody. Some people are very concerned when this problem starts to appear. The hair dye is the most effective solution, so for those who do not know how to dye hair, there are very quick courses on learning how to do that. The use of the hair dye will eliminate the problem and make you look younger, especially men. But there you may come across a problem when you see that some gray hairs cannot be dyed and that they may be resistant to color. However, there is also a solution for this. You can use a special additive that can penetrate the hair. It can be found in some hair dyes. You will need to find a hair dye with the formula for coloring, if you have a shiny hair for example, or you have a generally hard to penetrate hair. The coating will not be permitted to stay if this formula is not used. So, it is very important to see what type of hair you have, so that you can proceed to the next task. The next task involves the picking of the hair dye. There are several different choices. There are semi-permanent, permanent and temporary hair colors.


Remember that one shampooing cannot wash out a color that is one shade darker than your natural color. Some people are allergic to items used it the hair colors, so testing for allergies before using it may be a good idea. You can easily see a list of ingredients on the packing. On the product you can also find instructions on how to prepare the hair color. Remember to use gloves and be careful not to let the dye touch your skin. You can also apply petroleum jelly along the hairline to protect it. Put the hair color on the roots and with the use of a comb with broader teeth, advance upwards. Every inch of hair has to be covered, so it is best to cover small portions. When applied, let it stay for 25 to 40 minutes and be careful not to exceed this time, since it can damage the hair. Also, the hair will be darker if the dye remains for a more time than needed. When the dye is removed, apply conditioner and dry the hair with a towel or indirect sunlight. Also, try to use a shampoo that is suitable for your colored hair. Remember to check, if the grays are starting to appear. You can detect how much time they need to surface, so that you can dye the hair again and never let them be seen.

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