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Analyze Life

Many of us go through life withoutgiving it too much thought. Rather, they advance through their days,weeks, months, years on auto-pilot, making decisions based on hunchesor presumptions or, simply, hoping for the best.

However, this is a bad tactic since ourdecisions shape the course of our life and many things we choose inlife influence us further. Therefore, we need to be aware of thethings affecting our life and choose only decisions which help usprosper in every respect. Choosing negative things can havecatastrophic consequences on our life and we might feel this in thelong run, through our negative lifestyle and may health problems thatwe might encounter.

What Can We Do Wrong?

For example, let us talk aboutnutrition. Many of us know that you need to have a daily portion or anumber of portions consisting of vegetables and fruit. However, manyskip this, while being fully aware of the importance. Then, we alsoknow that consuming processed food is bad for our health, yet we doit every day. Subsequently, we become obese. Many obese people donothing about their condition, even though their life is at riskevery day since they are more prone to diabetes, heart problems andmany other health issues.

We seem to be unaware of the riskslurking all around us. Yet, we go against the grain and suffer onceour negative lifestyle takes its toll.

Sometimes, we simply misinterpretrisks. We refuse to teach our children about the negative effects ofcigarettes, drugs and alcohol in order to save them from thesethings. However, we know that, by keeping ourselves silent, we areactually exposing them to a greater risk. Also, another simpleexample is fear of flying and many other phobias which prevent usfrom functioning correctly in some situations. However, while fearingairplanes and avoiding traveling in them, we are actually neglectingthe risks of traveling by car, since this seems to be far more risky,if we are to trust the statistics.

Thus, we need a change in perspectivetowards life. First of all, you need to assess your current way oflife and find out whether you are leading a healthy one or areexposing yourself to certain risks regarding your nutrition, physicalcondition, way of life in general etc. Next, think about the thingsyou can change once you accept to introduce these positive changes inyour life. Always choose changes which are optimal for you, makingyou happy and satisfied while being effective and productive.

Finally, surround yourself with good,positive people and be prepared to work on yourself for as long as ittakes to lead a healthy and a happy life, free of all risks.

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