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The Way our Mind Sees Obesity

We usually connect nutrition,lifestyles, lack of physical exercises and other factors to the riseof obesity in humans. Surely, this is a proper claim. However, thereare many more things we are not paying attention to when diagnosingobesity.

Namely, we are all emotional beings. Assuch, we are guided by the way we feel about ourselves and the worldaround us. Thereby, once we feel sorry about ourselves or guiltyabout something we have done, we have a tendency to become obese.This process is purely emotional and can have several differentcauses, rooted deeply in our consciousness or even subconsciousness.

Why Are We Obese?

As mentioned above, emotions can bebehind obesity in people, and they usually are. You can have twodifferent reasons for being obese due to emotional reasons.

First of all, obesity, in thissituations, can be a punishment you sentence yourself with, based ona wrongdoing of yours from the past. Quite usually, we are judgmentalof ourselves and consider obesity a burden we have to wear for thesins we have committed.

In this situation, self-forgiveness isthe key to losing weight. Usually, these people, regardless of thediet they try or the lifestyle change they make, are incapable ofmaking significant progresses. However, they have to ask themselveswhether they are aware of the mistakes they have made in their livesand pinpoint the exact cause of their guilt and self-judgment. Onlywhen they come to terms with their wrongdoings can they actuallystart losing weight successfully.

Alternatively, obesity may be rooted inthe past when someone else has hurt you deeply. Then, people useexcessive body weight as a cover they can hide from thetraumatic experiences behind. Yet, obesity is hardly ashield good enough to protect an individual. Thus, treatment of thiscondition is necessary as well, before any weight loss can takeplace. Again, forgiveness is necessary. Alternatively, you can cometo terms with the harm done to you differently. All that matters isthat you move on and choose not to sacrifice your body for the harmdone to you. There is plenty more to enjoy in the present, beinghappy for what is here now, than suffering for all the bad thingswhich have happened somewhere in the past.

Remarkably, obesity has emotional roots inthe majority of cases. Thus, it needs to be treated differently,through forgiveness. This forgiveness can be self-directed or focusedupon others. Both ways, it can start gradually and progress later.Regardless, it needs to happen in order for the obesity to be gone.

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