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The Definition of Depression

Depression is an illness troubling manypeople in the world. This condition affects many aspects of one'spersonality, including the body, emotional aspects of one's being andthe mind.

The most common manifestations ofdepression are lack of energy, constant fatigue, sadness, lethargy,melancholy and an overall feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.In some cases, depressed people are likely to have suicidaltendencies.

There are many ways in which depressionmay manifest in people. Some people channel it through aggressivebehavior, while others keep it invisible and do not show itssymptoms, suffering from it nevertheless. It is more prominent inadolescents than in adults and women are more likely to admit that theyare depressed than men are.

All in all, once you realize that youare suffering from depression, you need to seek an adequate treatment assoon as possible. Beforehand, however, you need to recognize all thesymptoms of this condition.

Symptoms of Depression

Apart from those mentioned above,depression manifests through many other symptoms. As for the bodilymanifestations, fatigue is the most prominent one, making peopleincapable of managing to do basic tasks like getting out of bed,eating, working, bathing etc. Moreover, this fatigue is usuallycombined with headaches, muscle aches, nausea and some other commonsymptoms of depression.

As for the mind, depressed people feelsad and hopeless most of the time. They are known to burst into tearsfor no apparent reason. They are prone to self-criticism, lack ofself-confidence and many other forms of negativity andcounter-productive outlook upon the world. Their emotions are strong,making depressed people tense, nervous, angry or, in some cases,completely neutral and passive.

Subsequently, depressed people avoidrelationships or have troubles managing them. They might be overlyattached and dependent or feel that they do not deserve love andhappiness. Many are prone to isolation and passive aggressivebehavior which never goes along with relationships in the firstplace.

Finally, depression can be, and oftenis, connected to other mental conditions like anxiety, post-traumaticshocks, addictive behavior, stress etc.

Treatment for Depression

One of the best treatments fordepression is the psychotherapy model. This approach deals withdepression of a patient actively, instead of treating it withmedications which do little to treat the cause and mainly focus onthe symptoms. Through curiosity and thorough analysis of one'sdepression issues, this treatment sees this condition as a defensemechanism which needs to be deactivated. Therefore, through carefultherapy and adequate effort, people can surpass their depression withthe psychotherapy model.

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