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Home remedies can be a very effective in removing certain problems. If you are having problems with the digestive tract, we can advise using an herb called Gentian root. The function of this herb on the digestive system is to acts as a bitter tonic. In the following text, we will focus on the positive effects of this herb on our system and body. This herb is a part of the gentianaceae family, which is one of the flowering families. This herb is very bitter, and this is the effect of rhizomes. Since they are very bitter, their use was also found in ornamenting. South and Central areas of Europe, especially alpine parts, are the usual locations for the growth of this herb. From these parts of the world, the herb was then transferred to Asia and America, where it can also be found today.

Uses of Gentian root

Gentian root has been used for a long time now. Even in ancient Rome this root of yellowish color, was used in medicine. The root of course, cannot be used raw, it has to be dried first, and then it can be consumed. When you try this root, the sweetness will be experienced first, but it will soon be replaced by bitterness. This herb can also be an ingredient of certain liquors. When it comes to its effect on human body, in case you are having stomach problems, they can go away if you drink one cup of tea made of gentian root an hour prior to eating. This can also create increased appetite. Heartburn and indigestion are problems with which this root can help. For this, drink a cup of tea hour before the meal, but never drink more than three cups. Gentian root can also help with liver problems, like enlarged liver. For this, drink a mix of cup of water and one tablespoon of root powder. This root can also be very effective in eliminating common cold and fever. For these problems, drink a tea made from this root thirty minutes prior to a meal. The same kind of treatment can be used in problems with circulation. Using this herb can improve circulation in every part of human body. There are no side effects which are known today. Apart from the extreme bitterness, it practically has no side effects. If you are having problems with this, try using something to make consumption of this root bearable, like adding some sweetness in the tea.

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