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A nature has its own way. There is a useful white-red flower herb called Valerian. The plant grows in North America, Asia, and Europe. And Valerian root content a lot of active herbal substances with powerful and varied medical properties. Some oils, made out of Valerian root, are actually having healing properties and are azulene, valeranone, borneol and valereal. Valerian roots help spasmodic problems, inflammatory problems and have nerve-soothing properties. An extract of valerian, is produced from valerian roots and dried rhizomes and treat nerve wrecking disorders like restlessness, insomnia and nervousness.

In dark ages valerian was derived and prepared as ingredient for a ancient perfume making: the plant was used to produce flour and as a horse treatment for mental disorders. Valerian was often administrated to solders or civilians affected by the war in the I World War, to treat anxiety and extreme stress. Valerian is today most often natural medicine used as sedative. This natural sedative needs no prescription and can be found in any pharmacy over the counter.

Valerian is the most popular because it may effect on sleep and treat insomnia. This is a natural relaxant with calming properties of sedative, which do not create sense of fatigue or disorientation as many prescribed sleeping pills. Valerian roots also treat many other medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, sciatica, muscle spasms, palpitations, chronic skin diseases, epilepsy, nervous disorders, neuralgia, vertigo, reduces the effects of stress, pain reduction, menstrual flow melioration and improving of irritable bowel syndrome.

Herb For Children

Valerian root is very efficient and safe to use by children, the root treats anxiety, learning difficulties, hyperactivity, and behavioral disorders in children, which is hardly that can be approved when it comes to prescribed drugs. Only 75% out of 100% of children experienced valerian toxicity or any other negative side effect.

Valerian Side Effects

Side effects can occur only with really huge dosage of valerian root. But reported side effects of valerian by now are palpitations, dizziness, nausea or headaches. Also a massive dosage of valerian may damage central nervous system and liver. It may cause lethargy and depression. Side effects of valerian root can be especially bad if it is taken in the combination with psychotropic drugs, narcotics, alcohol, antihistamines and muscle relaxants.

Valerian root can be very dangerous for pregnant women, low blood pressure patients or low blood sugar patients. Such patients need approval or supervision of doctor in order to use properties of valerian. But usually, little amounts of valerian root may not have such a harmful effect.

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