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The dandelion is known medicinal herb for centuries. Dandelion root has been taken to help with digestion, diarrhea, fever, boils and inflammation. Also, it has been used as gentle laxative. Dandelion root is good for kidneys and liver. It stimulates appetite and it is considered to regulate levels of sugar in blood.

The Health benefits of dandelion root are:Dandelion root is rich in B complex vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin A. Because of its vitamin content dandelion root has antioxidant properties. It can help in preventing cancers and tumors but researches are still been doing. B complex is important for moods and it can help you with depression.

Dandelion has high levels of zinc and iron. It can help with anemia treatment. This root is also used as a liver tonic, especially is regarded in Europe. Dandelion has been used as mild diuretic. Diuretics lower levels of potassium. Dandelion root is better to use as diuretic because it has high levels of potassium.

This root is used as gentle laxative. Dandelion root helps to maintain regularity.Some studies suggest that dandelion root lowers bad cholesterol (LDL). Researches on laboratory mice shown that dandelion root increased good cholesterol (HDL), decreased bad cholesterol and also decreased triglyceride. These studies were done in early stages. But not all studies gave good results. Anyway, dandelion root can be addition to your diet and can help you to control cholesterol and sugar blood levels.

Dandelion root is rich in potassium. Potassium is essential for proper function of kidneys. Dandelion root is good for healthy heart as it contains B complex vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Dandelion root can help you to lower blood pressure.This root stimulates appetite; it is mild stimulant of appetite. You can made tea of dandelion root and leaves to help you to treat digestive problems such as constipation, fullness and flatulence.

It has positive effects to digestion and liver. Because of this, dandelion root improves effects of other nutrients, minerals or vitamins. In Europe this root is commonly used like addition in salads just like lettuce or some other greens. But in America dandelion root is considered as disgusting food.

People who use directed dandelion root have no side effects. Only some people who had taken dandelion root had allergy on dandelion root. Those people are very rare cases. But people who take lithium should not use dandelion root. They need to ask their doctor about taking dandelion root. Dandelion root may increase side effects of lithium.

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